Data Protection

Protect your data no matter where it is or goes

Office 365 has powerful, built-in features to help you protect sensitive data, stay in control in the cloud, and meet your compliance needs.
Microsoft data-protection tools work together to help protect your sensitive data and mitigate the risk of it getting into the wrong hands.

Protect sensitive content

Information-protection technologies in Office 365 by default help ensure that important data stays secure and only the right people have access to it. And Office 365 lets users seamlessly exchange encrypted and rights-protected email to help prevent inappropriate sharing of sensitive data in documents and emails.
Protect sensitive content
Stay in control in the cloud

Stay in control in the cloud

With Office 365, it’s your data, even in the cloud. You control access to your sensitive data with flexible, customizable policies. Use automatic or ad-hoc policies to protect sensitive messages regardless of the recipient’s email domain. Or flag more than 80 sensitive data types to protect credit card and passport numbers, medical data, and more.

Meet compliance needs more easily

Compliance solutions that are hard to implement or use increase the risk of inappropriate sharing and data breaches. Office 365 Message Encryption helps protect sensitive data without sacrificing productivity. Office 365 data loss prevention (DLP) tools help protect content such as HIPAA-related and General Data Protection Regulation-related data.
Meet compliance needs more easily

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